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At Monster, we’re dedicated to driving greater customer performance, and with that comes a commitment to helping employers and candidates find the right fit. With a focus on candidate experience, Monster seeks to better understand each individual client’s current talent needs and future goals with a dedicated approach.

As part of our technology improvements this year, we will be retiring TalentBin as of December 31, 2020. If you have current available inventory, it will be unaffected as you will be able to use the solution without interruption through the end of the year.

Monster is looking forward to working with you to identify solutions that will continue to deliver quality candidates for your next hire, including a Talent Diagnostic Strategy Session. This will provide an opportunity for us to review your current eco-system and tech-stack as we discuss where you are today in your talent journey and where you need to be ‘tomorrow’. Together we can design a strategy to address your goals through efficient best practices and new solutions to attract the Right Fit and retain your top talent.

For additional information, please contact your Monster Sales Rep or call 1-800-MONSTER. For specific TalentBin service needs, please reach out to our team of experts.