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Megan Hopkins

Head of Recruiting & Employee Culture

"I do all things recruiting and HR for VigLink, and have a background as a in-house and agency technical recruiter. So I've seen it all. And as the "one woman show" at VigLink, efficiency and organization are key for me. Previously, I would spend hours crawling sites like Github, Stack Overflow, Meetup, and Twitter for engineers. With TalentBin, I can do in 30 minutes what used to take me a day, and spend that extra time engaging with candidates for my company."
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Bloomberg Businessweek
The Wall Street Journal
Rekrutuj Talenty
wykorzystując media społecznościowe
"It’s not a 'nice-to-have' – it’s a 'gotta-have.' Using social media as a means to source talent is here to stay...[TalentBin] finds candidates where they're active online, based on their skills, interests, and actions."

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"Rekrutacja w mediach społecznościowych zwiększa zasięg"
"[TalentBin] gives recruiters an intelligent tool to find people through their social graph."
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Konferencja HR Tech 2012.

"Awesome New Technology"


Innovative HR Technology 2012

"Game Changing Startup"


Raport specjalny Gartnera 2013 r.

"Cool Vendor"

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Megan Zengerle

Head of Recruiting & People Operations

"CreativeLIVE empowers people to unleash their potential through free, live, online learning. And it takes a certain type of talent to help achieve and get excited about that mission. TalentBin helps us hone in on the type of software engineering talent that is going to fit our corporate culture and share our mission, which makes for great recruiting conversations and awesome hires!"
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HR Magazine
Rekruterzy coraz częściej korzystają z LinkedIn oraz startupów z branży Social Media
Bloomberg Businessweek
"Kolejnym zadaniem będzie stworzenie narzędzi, które będą wyszukiwać jeszcze bardziej szczegółowe dane z większej liczby sieci społecznościowych, w celu znalezienia najlepszych kandydatów z branży IT."

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Raport Cool Vendors 2013
"TalentBin is an example of how the combination of big data, social and cloud computing can fundamentally transform a recruitment search to an extreme analytics paradigm where people are "matched" with job opportunities that closely suit their professional and personal capabilities and goals."
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Fast Company
Business Insider
"Wykorzystanie Big Data w rekrutacji"
The New York Times
"Of late, growing numbers of academics and entrepreneurs are applying Big Data to human resources and the search for talent, creating a field called work-force science...[TalentBin] searches the Internet for talented programmers, trawling sites where they gather, collecting “data exhaust“."

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TalentBin łączy informacje
publikowane na portalach społecznościowych i tworzy Profile kandydatów.
"[TalentBin] ...creates a searchable database that merges information about a person from all over the web into a single profile so that recruiters can get all of the information about them in one, digestible place."
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Nancy Soni

Co-Founder, FILD Technical Recruiting (former Director of Recruiting, Cybercoders)

"FILD is a young, fast growing technical recruiting agency. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by being intimately familiar with the wants and needs of software engineering talent. TalentBin helps us discover and engage with that talent where they spend their time: online. As a young agency, we're still building our database of talent -- TalentBin helps us tap into a talent pool that we can build lifetime candidate relationships out of, in a way that makes candidates excited to work with us. I literally got a LinkedIn Recommendation from a candidate I discovered, engaged, and placed using TalentBin. How cool is that?"

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Poznaj tajniki rekrutacji utalentowanych kandydatów
"Social technology has revolutionized the talent acquisition field. Recruiters must be skilled in using social tools to attract and persuade passive candidates to apply as well as interact with active candidates... TalentBin searches places where technical people hang out and share ideas like forums and blogs."
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