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Technical recruiting resources

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Technical Recruiting Cheat Sheet

A super helpful cheat sheet of development technologies to help you keep your Java straight from Python.

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History of Recruiting Infographic

A fun walk through the history of recruiting technology over the past 100 years!

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Different types of recruiting

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Recruiting with Meetup

How to make the most of for finding software engineers.

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Recruiting with Stack Overflow

How to find great software engineers based on the online Q&A they engage in!

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Recruiting with Quora

Use one of the world's leading Q&A sites to source amazing candidates.

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Recruiting with Working with Rails

Leverage one of the oldest Ruby on Rails online communities to find ruby devs.

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Recruiting with US Patent Database

Millions of inventors listed on patents helps you find staff who have the skills you need.

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Recruiting with Twitter

Recruiting with Twitter is more about just tweeting your jobs. Use Twitter to find and engage with passive candidates.

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